Prosecution offer no evidence against client following representations at the Crown Court.

It’s never too late! Prosecution offer no evidence against client following representations at the Crown Court.


Mr SA was accused of failure to comply with notification requirements under s9 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003. He was accused of failing to provide the prosecution authorities with his updated passport details following an emergency trip to India to attend his grandfather’s funeral. He chose to instruct Quentin Hunt on a direct public access basis just prior to the Plea and Case Management Hearing at the Woolwich Crown Court.


Quentin was of the view that there was no public interest whatsoever in the prosecution of his client due to the circumstances of the case and advised his client to take an aggressive stance on the matter. As a result, Quentin wrote a series of detailed representations to the prosecution asking that the case be withdrawn. These representations were rejected. Undeterred, Quentin continued to put pressure on the prosecution. The matter was listed for trial at the Woolwich Crown Court and the prosecution were forced to adjourn the case due to Quentin highlighting disclosure failings. Again Quentin applied pressure for the case to be dropped, again the prosecution rejected his approach.


There was a further pre-trial review in which Quentin raised the issue of the continuance of the prosecution in open Court to place yet more pressure on the CPS. Following this, Quentin again made a series of detailed representations in respect of whether the prosecution should continue. Following these representations, the prosecution relented and agreed that they would drop the case against Quentin’s client. They offered no evidence against Quentin’s client by correspondence and a formal Not Guilty verdict was entered meaning that Mr SA was acquitted of all charges.


Quentin Hunt is a Criminal Defence Barrister who accepts instructions directly from members of the public. He is proud to have a reputation for relentlessly fighting for his client’s interests. As the above case shows he will tirelessly work on his clients’ behalf to ensure that they get the best possible result. If you find yourself accused of a criminal offence you may contact Quentin for a free, no obligation conversation to find out how he can help you with your case.