Quentin persuades Police and CPS to take no action in Harassment case.

Quentin persuades Police and CPS to take no action in Harassment case.


Mrs XX sought assistance from Quentin Hunt at an early stage in proceedings when being investigated for an offence of Harassment. As no charges have been brought in this case, none of the details of the case have featured in the public domain. The alleged offence involves well known political individuals and YouTube presenters and for these reasons no further factual details can be shared in this article.


The allegations against Mrs XX were serious and would have had severe repercussions in respect of her life and career if proven. She contacted Quentin Hunt for assistance having been arrested and interviewed over allegations of Harassment and possible stalking. Quentin made sure that he made early contact with the police and ensured that they received all of the information that had been lacking at the time of interview. He then drafted powerful and effective letters of representation to the relevant authorities about the lack of evidence and public interest in bringing a charge.


As a result of his work, the Metropolitan Police confirmed that they were taking no action against Quentin’s client. In addition to this Quentin assisted Mrs XX in her liaison with the police and the provision of important evidence which ensured that, unusually, the Police have opened an investigation against the original complainant against Mrs XX.


Therefore, no action has been taken against Quentin’s client and she has the reassurance that the Police are investigating the person who had made what she had always maintained was a malicious complaint against her. She was therefore able to carry on with her life and employment without any adverse publicity and no blemish on her character.


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