Quentin wins Stalking Protection Order case against Metropolitan Police

Quentin wins Stalking Protection Order case against Metropolitan Police


Mr HH was issued with a summons by the Metropolitan Police in respect of a Police application for a Stalking Protection Order under the Stalking Protection Act 2019.

Mr HH did not agree with the terms of the order and sought to resist it. Quentin was able to gain full instructions from his client, analyse the purported evidence against his client and advise as to the best way forward in the case.

As a result, the order was resisted. An interim order had been put in place before Quentin was instructed in the case and at a preliminary hearing he ensured that this order was not renewed. He then made a series of representations to the Police in respect of the strength of their application and the need for an order. The Police indicated that they wished to proceed. Quentin ensured that a strict timetable was laid down in order to make sure that the Police were kept under pressure in respect of their application. As part of the timetable Quentin served a detailed skeleton argument highlighting the deficiencies in the Police case and how the statutory gateways for the granting of an order were not met.

On the day of the final hearing, the Barrister for the Metropolitan Police indicated that having considered Quentin’s submissions the Police no longer wished to pursue the order. The application was therefore withdrawn. Additionally, to the delight of his client, Quentin was able to make an application for the full costs of his case to be made against the Police. This order was granted and the District Judge made a full costs order in favour of Quentin’s client, meaning that Mr HH ended up having the full cost of his representation paid for by the Police. This is highly unusual.

Quentin Hunt is an award winning Criminal Defence Barrister who accepts instructions direct from members of the public. He specialises in dealing with Stalking and Harassment cases and is a specialist in resisting Stalking Protection Orders. If you have been summonsed for a Stalking Protection Order application or are being investigated for a stalking offence, it is essential that you secure the best representation available. Quentin can be contacted for a free, no obligation conversation about any case.